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Pamphlet cover The Path from Science to God Roger Nesbitt
This pamphlet shows that there is an exciting rediscovery of God taking place from the very evidence of science itself. So profound is this movement that one modern physicist has said that in his opinion "science offers a surer path to God than religion"!
Pamphlet cover The Path from Science to Jesus Christ Edward Holloway
If even the scientists are now talking of God, how can we lead them on to the next stage on the journey to Him? In this pamphlet the author shows the path from the evolution of matter to the uniqueness of Man and his spiritual nature. He then traces the path to Jesus Christ as the fulfilment of all Science and all Religion, as the crowning glory of Creation.
Pamphlet cover aEvolution and the Existence of God Roger Nesbitt
The author maintains that the real need at the present time is for a synthesis between the scientific view of the world and orthodox, historic Christianity. His book contains just such a synthesis .
Pamphlet cover aEvolution and Original Sin Roger Nesbitt
Outlines the teaching of the Church in this difficult area and then shows how a correct understanding of Evolution harmonises perfectly with Original Sin.
Pamphlet cover Can We Be Sure God Exists? Ed.s David Barrett & Stephen Dingley
Does God exist? How can we be sure that he does? And does it really matter? This pamphlet explains how the discoveries of modern science lead us to abandon the popular notion that faith and science do not agree.