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Pamphlet cover Confession: Why We Go James Tolhurst
Confession is sometimes called the Forgotten Sacrament. The Church has urged us all to renew our understanding and practice of this Sacrament. Why should we continue to go to Confession? Why should we return to it if we have fallen away? Fr Tolhurst outlines the Scriptural and devotional basis as well as the doctrinal development of Confession.
Pamphlet cover Christ Our Eucharist Edward Holloway
What is the Eucharist? How is Christ present in it? And is it really necessary to being a Christian? Fr Edward Holloway answers these questions by showing that the Eucharist is central to the whol life and work of Christ.
Pamphlet cover aSexual Order And Holy Order Edward Holloway
The division of human nature sexually into the male and female principles, is to make possible the Incarnation of Christ, as God made man, into the human order. We argue that the creation of "Adam" as male and female is something more than a matter of biological convenience....
Pamphlet cover aChristian Marriage: Covenant in Christ Andrew & Dora Nash
Written by a young married couple it outlines the doctrinal, moral and spiritual aspects of Christian Marriage in relation to current problems.
Pamphlet cover The Priest And His Loving Edward Holloway
The author maintains that the real need at the present time is for a synthesis between the scientific view of the world and orthodox, historic Christianity. His book contains just such a synthesis..The same principles of science, philosophy and theolgy run through the whole book to bring a unified vision.
Pamphlet cover Christian Formation Edward Holloway
Our Lord's knowledge, both human and divine is humbly pondered in an effort to offer a constructive answer to this question.