A Selection of musical tracks available for FREE DOWNLOAD IN MP3 FORMAT.

These have been kindly supplied by The Music Makers. The corresponding CDs can be ordered from their website.
Please note that any download is for personal use only and may not be used in a public environment (such as a church) as this would breach copyright regulations.

From "Regina Caeli" - LCD007:    
Ave Maria - simple tone    
Regina Caeli - solemn tone    
Regina Caeli - Marian motet    
Magnificat for Soprano solo    
Ave Maria O Maiden O Mother    
Holy Virgin by God's Decree    
From "Plainsong for Parishes" - LCD003 :    
Kyrie from Mass XVIII (de Angelis)    
Gloria from Mass XI (Orbis factor)    
Introit from Requiem Mass    
Ave Maris Stella    
From "Adoro te" - LCD005 :    
Adoro te    
Ubi caritas    
Draw nigh and take the Body of Our Lord    
Tantum Ergo    
From "Exsultet. Chant for Holy Week & Easter" - LCD006 :    
Attende Domine    
Pange Lingua    
Litaniae Sanctorum    
Sequence: Victimae Paschali