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Pamphlet cover Christ and His Church: Why Infallible? Edward Holloway
Argues coherently and logically that the doctrine of Infallibility must be an essential element of the true Church of Christ.
Pamphlet cover Jesus: Did He Know Who He Was? Edward Holloway
Our Lord's knowledge, both human and divine is humbly pondered in an effort to offer a constructive answer to this question.
Pamphlet cover The Grace Of God Edward Holloway
What is grace? Focussing on the analogy that grace is the "sunshine of our souls", this doctrinal and spiritual pamphlet gives an exposition of the meaning of the grace of God. There is much anxiety today about our material environment butvery little concern about our spiritual environment.
Pamphlet cover The Gospels : Historical and True Domenico Grasso SJ
Gives the overwhelming evidence, drawn from many sources, to show that "the Gospels are historical books, the most historical books of antiquity".
Pamphlet cover Mary, Model Of The Church Roger Nesbitt
Outlines clearly the authentic belief of the Church concerning Mary and shows that this doctrine is bound up with the true divinity and humanity of her Son.