Adam and Eve


Adam & Eve (detail)
National Gallery of Art,

Adam and Eve
The Wound Of Sin: Original And Personal

Matter is by nature programmed and deterministic. Spirit is by nature free to accept or refuse the good. Human beings are both body and soul. According to the biblical tradition the first generation of mankind tragically introduced into our nature a wound to our natural integration into control and direction, by the deliberate choice of evil. This wound is then passed on by the material laws of inheritance to every generation. Original sin disorientates the 'life-sense' of mankind by which we naturally seek fulfilment in God and harmony with one another. It alienates us from the goodness of God and frustrates our natural desire for communion with our Creator and gives us a tendency to sin, disordering our desires. Personal choices for evil further damage our nature and distance us from the perfection God intends for us. The answer to the confusion and conflict within ourselves caused by sin must be both an act of merciful forgiveness and a work of healing.