Revelation And The Grace Of God

All living things need the right environment to be happy and healthy and they are programmed by their instincts to live in harmony with their environment. But human beings are more than animals. We have souls as well as bodies. We don't just live in nature, we control and direct it. We have inquiring minds, free will and hearts that long for more than Nature can provide. We still need an environment to live in and keep us happy and healthy, but we must look beyond nature for the answer to our lives. We need a spiritual and personal environment to teach us the truth and fulfil us in love. Therefore to know, love and serve God is our true and natural environment. His "grace" is the sunshine of our souls. "In Him we live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28).
We must therefore expect religion to be an integral part of human history. We must expect God to reveal the Way, Truth and Life for mankind, prompting a vision of truth and goodness in the minds and hearts of holy men and women. Although sin inevitably affects religion too, God gathers a people under his own holy rule, establishes his covenant with them, reveals his Law and raises up prophets and saints to call the people to holiness and deepen their spiritual vision. The Bible is the diary of that unfolding friendship between God and his people. It witnesses to a dynamic and coherent development of doctrine across many centuries and the working out of a great purpose. At the heart of the Bible is an ever growing sense of 'One-who-is-to-come' : 'The Messiah', who will bring the fullness of grace and truth in the final Covenant of grace, and answer definitively the disaster of sin.