Moral And Social Teaching

Men do not escape the sovereignty of the Unity-Law which fashioned our nature and fulfilment in the flesh of the Son of God. Our integration into environmental control and direction determines the truth and goodness of our being as defined by the wisdom of God. Morality is not abstract legalism, but emerged from what we are. We are made to rise to the measure and plenitude of Christ, the Word made flesh. There is a call to obedience but not through force or fear. It is the call of Christ in our conscience and through his Church.

All material things emerge from the evolutionary tree and so belong, in their very nature, to a family. These familial relationships define the meaning, the truth and goodness of any being. The human family is the uniquely spiritual family, called to be sons of God in Christ. Our evolutionary pedigree and divine calling are the context in which our familial and social interaction should take place.