The Nature Of Man: Body And Soul

The human soul does not evolve nor emerge from the potential of matter, but neither is it an arbitrary add-on to an otherwise complete creature. The principle of 'control and direction' demands that everything must have a place and a purpose within the Environment. So when a creature emerges in evolution with a brain too powerful for Nature to hold in meaningful stimulation and coordinated response, something new must be done. The individual spiritual soul must be created to be the driving and steering force of this new organism. Matter must be integrated directly into the principle of 'mind' to control and direct its energies and to give it its identity. The key to human nature therefore lies in both the organic inheritance of evolution through the brain, instinctual according to natural law, harmonic order and finely tuned mutual balance, and in the free, dynamic seeking of truth and values and their free administration by the directly created spirit. Hence human behaviour exhibits the dimensions of both matter, which is intrinsically controlled and directed, and mind which controls and directs.