God The Creator Of The Cosmos

The Church has always taught that we can know the existence of God with certainty from the evidence of creation (Romans 1, Vatican I, Vatican II). The traditional 'five ways' of St. Thomas Aquinas can be summed up and re-presented through the insights of modern science in a powerful and convincing way.

A key first principle of all scientific thinking is that nothing is its own cause or control. Everything has a reason and a purpose outside itself. It exists through ordered relationships with its environment. This is what makes a structured material thing an individual whole. It is a 'unity' which receives directional control from beyond.

All the 'laws' discovered by science can be considered as partial aspects of a single 'Law' which makes the Cosmos an interlocking and meaningful unity. The cumulative development of material being through the history of the universe also forms one coherent whole from the 'Big Bang' to the brain of Man. This Unity of Control and Direction which constitutes and permeates the whole cosmos points to a transcendent centre of Control and Direction – an eternal Mind which creates it. This is God.

Such a perspective also allows us to trace the first manifestation in history of God's Wisdom and Love, drawing his creatures into the very Life of God, right back to the creative act of the Almighty which initiates the Cosmos in the beginning. So we can draw the mind in wonder also to the unity and coherence of God's wisdom and purposes throughout every aspect of creation and salvation.